Award for Excellence

In 2000 the World Hovercraft Federation (WHF) ‘Award for Excellence’ was first introduced by Owen S. Ellis, the then President of the World Hovercraft Federation. From time to time it is presented by the WHF to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to the world hovercrafting.

(Suggestions for future suitable recipients, together with detailed recommendations, are always welcome and should be sent to the WHF Secretary).

Previous recipients and their citations are given below:

2000 - Sir Christopher Cockerell

(Awarded posthumously)

For: A remarkable life of perseverance, ingenuity and brilliance. Inventor of the Hovercraft


John Gifford (left) receiving the WHF Award for Excellence presented by Tony Drake, WHF Vice President for Europe.

2001 - John Gifford, of Griffon Hovercraft UK

For: Outstanding performance in design, development and advancement of Hovercraft.

2002 - William Bertelsen

For: A remarkable life of perseverance and ingenuity culminating in major contributions to hovercraft and air cushion vehicle technology.

2003 - Jean Claude DELORME

For: A truly remarkable man with the vision and dedication to create the unique and enduring “Raid”

Pour: Un homme vraiment remarquable qui a eu la vision et le dévouement pour avoir créé cet unique et durable événement qu'est le "Raid”.


2004 - Barry Oakley

For: A truly dedicated man who has supported the world of hovercraft for well over 30 years and who now retires as the Worlds most experienced and respected Race Director

2006 - Jean-Pierre GODICHEAU

For: A truly remarkable man who has been the mastermind behind three great World Hovercraft Championships in France.

 Pour: Un homme vraiment remarquable qui a été le maitre à penser des trois derniers Championnats du Monde d'Aéroglisseurs en France.


Bob Windt receiving the WHF Award for Excellence presented by W. Kent Gano, WHF Vice President (America).

2007 - Robert (Bob) Windt

For: An exceptional and generous man who has dedicated his life to developing hovercraft and to introducing them to young and often disadvantaged students. Bob is an example to us all.

2008 - Keith Oakley

For exceptional service to the world of hovercraft in designing and developing bespoke electronic systems and soft ware for lap scoring and noise analysis. These systems are at the forefront of current technology and have already received critical acclaim from experts in these area.

2011 - Peter Venn

For: A lifetime of specialising in various aspects of hovercraft activity including Craft construction Commercial environmental applications; Joy ride promotion and operation; Plus ongoing and uncompromising help and support to hovercraft enthusiasts across Australia.

2012 - Michael Raush

Total dedication to sporting hovercraft in his own country, Europe and world wide. An outstanding man who has given so much to support and develop our sport