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  • Saalburg 2012

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  • Towcester 2010 - Formula 1

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Latest Bulletin



*** World Championships 202 0 ***

In our previous Bulletin concerning the effect the COVID-19 pandemic may have on our forthcoming World Championships in Sweden I promised the WHF would keep the situation under review. Since then we have been in constant contact with the Swedish Team organising our Championships and now is the time to give you an update.

In order to give you some clarity on the situation on behalf of the WHF I have agreed the following with the Swedish organisers:

• The online registration website will be suspended until further notice. This is a precaution to save the organisers having to make a large number of refunds if the event has to be postponed.

• A decision to confirm the event will take place or have to be postponed will be taken by May 15th at the latest. This date has been carefully chosen. To make a decision earlier may result in a decision to postpone the event when it may not be necessary. To make it later would not give sufficient time for overseas competitors to make their transport and travel arrangements. This date gives 3+ months to do so.

I know these decisions will not please everyone but believe it is the best way forward for most. As the situation changes and more details are forthcoming, I will contact you again.

This is a very anxious time for us all so in the meantime please do everything you possibly can to keep your family, friends and yourself safe and healthy.

Kind regards,

Tony M. Drake JP. WHF President